How I lost 30kilos and kept it off

As a “chubby baby” people thought I was cute, who doesn’t love to pinch some cheeks. But as I reached my terrible twos I assumed the puppy fat would just melt away, and it didn’t.

When I started at day care, interrupted nap times and convenience meals meant more weight just piled on, and I went from ‘new born’ to ‘toddler’ size nappies before I could ever hope of crawling the weight off.

The loss of my favourite blankie at the park in the summer of ’87 hit me hard, I was hitting the bottle like no tomorrow and supplementing with formula. My weight went up and before I knew it Dad couldn’t even give me horsey rides without having to see a chiro.

My lowest point – We themed my third birthday party a “hawaiin luau” and roasted a small pig just to disguise my eating problems and the fact that I was wearing a lady’s size 12 muumuu. Enough was enough.

The comeback – That year I overhauled my diet, completely ditching processed foods for more natural ingredients. Canned baby food? Mum please! If we were going to make a difference, we all needed to help out. Swapping my morning rusk for a handful of almonds wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined. I even joined the jungle gym and started making some real progress.

The reward – Don’t get me wrong. It didn’t happen overnight. I relapsed over the years many times. There were times when I was hitting playgroup five times a week, snack time equalled saladas with butter and Vegemite worms squeezing out, I couldn’t resist it. But I have come along way and am proud to say that I am much better at avoiding the temptations and couldn’t be happier with where I’m at now.

Yes I still wear a size 12, bit I’ve maintained this weight for 29 years now and can finally say I’ve reached my body’s healthy weight and owe it all to good diet, nutrition and the support of a loving family and skinny brother who gave me the motivation and drive.


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