What’s in your bag?

Here is a review of what is in my handbag, just like the celebrities do in the fashion mags.

Clockwise, from left to right.

Coach bag – from the price I paid for it you’d assume it’s legit, but if you saw the store / seller / or backroom it came from, you’d think again.

Pierre Cardin wallet – do you even Visa? I do.

Cigarettes – not mine, someone left them in there.

Selection of scents. Good conversation starters in the girl’s bathroom at bars.

My notebook – not even i understand half the things I write in there.

Nurofen – for when I get stressed out, which is like not even ever.

Mini measuring tape – stolen from my little cousin’s toolkit. It’s so cute. As long as nothing is longer than 3metres, I’ve got it covered.

Makeup – I hardly even use it, it’s just good to have in case one of the girls forgets theirs and needs to borrow some.

Keys – only two are mine. The rest are from people who trust me with their homes and workplaces ???

Pen – I took this from Jessi / Renee’s kitchen drawer. This is awkward.

Chewy Wrappers – everyone has one at least one of these somewhere.

Joker card – gift from Jessi, quite fitting really.

And lastly – my iPhone – I couldn’t get it in the picture, because I was using it to take the picture, because logistics


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