Rock review

peacock rock When it comes to belief, I have a lot. I mean ‘a lot’ as in ‘many’ as well as in ‘great’. I believe in Jesus, I believe in Roswell, I believe in crossing my heart as I pass a cemetery and holding my breath then spitting when I see someone cross-eyed, I also believe in rocks.   Which brings me to my review of one of my favourite rocks. Peacock Ore / Bornite / Chalcopyrite are a few names for this beautiful rock. From here on I will refer to it as ‘peacock rock’, because rhyming. Peacock rock is a copper ore mineral, found near copper deposits and is brittle in texture (science, facts, blah).  It glistens in the sun and is made up of iridescent peacock colours; gold, pink, blue, purple and greens. The rock is known for helping people to tune into their positivity and feel like everything is ok. If the rock could speak it would say things like “it is what it is” or “hey look at my cup, it’s half full!”, because the rock is quite ‘meh’ about life, in a good way. I keep a piece of this rock in my wallet, sometimes I don’t think it’s a quite big enough to deal with what I throw at it, my friends would agree that maybe that little rock is losing a few battles here and there. I keep another bigger piece at work and one beside my bed. When I feel stressed I hold it in my hand, sometimes just the colours are enough to help me tune in. I really believe it helps me to focus on what is good, when I remember to pick it up that is.  I have given pieces of peacock rock to friends who all agree it gives a sense of being ok and blocking negative energy. So I recommend getting a piece if you feel like you need to cast out any negative feelings, thoughts or forces. Keep in mind though, it is only a rock and you can’t expect it to cure all your problems. That’s why we have champagne.

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