What is in your bag – issue 2

What is in Lesley’s bag Clockwise left to right Mail – delivered to her mum’s house. Which her mum has carefully collected and kept aside for her. Which Lesley has then carefully shoved into her handbag unopened and carries around just cherishing it. Ziplock bag of peppermint tea bags – or is it. Headphones – for playing sounds of rainbows and waves, for when she wants to get zen and just yoga. Stolen bank cards – not yet deactivated, still milking it. A post it note to Karen – Karen needs to stop touching Lesley’s stuff apparently. Phone. Or is it a laptop, can’t tell by the massive flip case. Keys – to the storage container where she keeps her most valuable yoga mats. Hair tie with brown hair in it – her hair’s blonde, so this is confusing. Lipstick – not hers, her lips are that beautiful she doesn’t need sht. Coins – for parking meters One shoe insert – explains the limp. Pens – she spells good. Camera – photos NSFW. Chanel Purse – legit as. Parking receipts and fines – sometimes she pays, sometimes she doesn’t. She’s unpredictable, you can’t control a free spirit. Prada bag – thailand spesh


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