Restaurant Review

For those of you searching for a culinary experience like no other, look no further than Mum’s kitchen.

Nestled amongst the brick-front properties of Niddrie, Mum’s kitchen is the brainchild of John and Colleen Williamson, previous owners of Essendon’s highly acclaimed Spud’s Away.

The restaurant is located in a rather unassuming four bedroom house that’s quite easy to miss. However, step inside and the interior will give you the feeling of warm, home away from home hospitality.

Although not buzzing with activity this early in the week, it still had a good sense of energy and was comfortably filled with seemingly satisfied patrons.

To start with we were offered some barbeque shapes. Poppy and I shared one serve, which consisted of six full handfuls. We certainly could have shared a second order, though that is more a reflection on the moorish taste than the portion size.

For the main course, I decided I’d have the Pork Curry and saffron pumpkin, with a side salad of cucumber, red onion, capsicum, beetroot and lime pickle. The flavour of the perfectly spiced, tender pork pieces balanced the richness of the creamy, buttery pumpkin very well. Poppy ordered the Crunchy Kibble, which consisted of proteins derived from marinated chicken, mixed with carrots, served in a big silver bowl. The dish was executed perfectly, with a cup of warm rice mixed through the kibble, complimenting the flavours while also breaking up what would otherwise be quite a bland meal. The servings were small, but with an offer of ‘seconds’ for every diner, it was well worth it.

Where Mum’s Kitchen let’s itself down was in the desserts. I had quite a taste for the pavlova, which I had heard was on the menu around Christmas time. However on this night, we were only offered one option of chocolate sundaes, which we were instructed we would have to take a short drive to a nearby ‘Maccas’ to get. I’ve not heard of any other restaurants sending their patrons offsite before, however the maitre d’ insisted it was a very popular concept. I doubt it will take off and on this occasion we chose to go without.

Highlights of the night – owners Colleen and John have a vast wine list, which ranges from tawny port, up to your finer french champagnes, all offered by the glass or bottle.

Downfall – Unfortunately I was seated at a communal dining table next to a small noisy child, a crying baby and their high pitched American mother, who all seemed a bit sniffly.

Though I would love to be selfish and keep Mum’s Kitchen all to myself, the work of chef Colleen is too good to stay hidden for long. There’s no doubt a table at Mum’s Kitchen will quickly become the hottest reservation in town and at a max capacity of 20 seats (lounge and courtyard included) you’d want to get in quick.







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One thought on “Restaurant Review

  1. Colleen Williamson says:

    Good grief! Obviously nothing is sacred, I’m going to have to tread very carefully in my own home now that she’s back!


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