33 Day Challenge – Day 4

I’m a little behind on my daily posts. So excuse me while I throw 4 or 5 at you over the next few days.

Day 4

Dinner and a comedy show with the girls. Dinner was rushed as we were running late for the show. I’ll admit watching Carly and Renee down their wines quickly before we ran out the door of the restaurant gave me slight FOMO.

Got into the comics lounge and stopped short at the top of the stairs. This was my first time in front of a fully stocked bar. I felt my mouth go dry and start to water all in one gulp. I made a beeline for the bathrooms, splashed water on my face and did my affirmations in the mirror “one day at a time. Champagne doesn’t control me, I control champagne”. No, I made that bit up, I wear too much make up to splash anything up in here.

But in all honestly I was sporting a slight cold sweat. The thought of ordering a lemonade and being judged by my peers and worst of all by the bartender dawned on me! Luckily Renee stepped up to the plate. This gesture of friendship and support was huge. It proved once again the lengths she will go to for our friendship, even if it goes against everything she stands for, number one being ‘bars are for serious drinking and serious drinking only, and sometimes for dancing on’. But she ordered that lemonade like a champ, as easily as she would ask for 3 jäger bombs. This goes almost to the top on the list of things she’s done for me that I would otherwise rather go without, straight above ‘filling my car with petrol’ but one below ‘buying me the morning after pill’.

Moving on, with lemonade in hand I made it through the show.

Afterwards I worked up the courage to get a photo with Tommy Little. My secret reason for coming to the show at all, was just to get within sight of him, if lucky within smelling distance. But I exceeded all self expectations and in autopilot (sometimes my other personalties take over the driving without warning and I get shoved over to shotgun) strutted up to him like a woman on a mission, offered my hand and said “Hi, I’m Sophie”, shook with a perfect firmness, held it, cue pearly whites, then finished with a strong smize and spun to put my handbag on a nearby table, hopefully leaving him behind in a smitten daze (a girl can dream/exaggerate completely). I was empowered. I turned back and he said to me “I know this is going to sound like a cheesy line. But have we met before?” I froze, quickly mapped out in my head the distance to the bar and how long it would take to order and throw back a quick shot of liquid courage and return to this spot without him noticing… The queue was three deep… too long, he would notice. I answered with a unnecessarily definite “no” followed by three involuntary facial twitches and one in my side lip, which I’m telling myself he could have mistook for completely voluntary, confident winks and a smirk.

What happened after that was a blur, I reverted inside my own head and went over pages of things I could have answered instead of a straight up fking “no”. I could have gone with a sultry “yeah maybe we’ve met… in your dreams?” Or a self depreciating but cute “oh, I wish, hehe” or just a simple cool “possibly, I’m just not sure where…?”, or I could have told him that one day I walked past him in Flinders Street and it’s a long shot but completely possible that maybe he saw me too, got lost in my eyes like the sandwich shop ladies (in joke) and remembered me from then. In hindsight probably best I didn’t go with that one actually.

Anyway, we took a few photos which should have gone like this ‘snap, snap, snap’ but instead and in true Sophie form I made it confusing by asking him to position himself half in front of me to block half my body (old modelling trick to make you appear thinner, I learned in Milan… on FTV), which in turn left him with his arm hanging helplessly in front of us  (thirdwheeling my photo op hard). And with that I left, taking flight down the stairs and into the night like a mysterious cinderella. I didn’t leave a shoe unfortunately. But I did hop straight onto FB the next day to tag myself in the pics. Pretty much the modern day glass slipper, without the hassle of him having to track through the villages looking at everyones feet. I’m tagged, I’m there, come and get me Tommy.  (n.b. I’m posting this 3 days after it actually happened and for those keeping score, he didn’t come get me).

I went home to bed and to sleep, resigning myself to the fact that I could have handled that whole situation much more gracefully and with much better outcome, or an outcome at all. But hey, I’m only one woman, one woman in a big world, a big world without the aid of my ever dependable wingwoman Chandon. So if we’re being honest, I did pretty well. No doubt he’ll inbox me soon, he’s probably pretty busy, because you know #comiclyf #hekkas


Oh, I think I forgot to mention Kathryn was in the photo too. It honestly just felt like Tommy and I.

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