33 Day Challenge – Day 5, 6 and 7

Day 5

My dream of marrying Tommy Little and having three little Tommys now a distant memory. I went back to my number one reliable date, Lisa. Gold Class cinemas Sunshine and a hot dog at Wendy’s, only the best for my lady. During the film I replaced my usual movie time Long Island Iced Tea with a Strawberry and Rose Mocktail Crush, plus nachos, pulled pork sliders, calamari rings, caesar salad, chicken pizza and popcorn. I may be substituting the usual buzz I get from a champagne, with emotional eating. The evidence isn’t strong yet, I’ll monitor myself though.

Day 6

Jessi’s sister’s Tupperware party. When we arrived i strategically placed myself on a seat in front of the cabana and cheese trays. And by that I mean I slid a chair over to the cabana and cheese trays. Note to self – possibly put my desire for food over basic social etiquette, think about and learn from this later. The party went well, I won almost 2,000 Tupperware dollars to use at the Tupperware auction. The Tupperware auction was more stressful than I imagine Sotheby’s to be. I got nervous and misheard the items on offer, then panicked and missed all opportunities to bid. I was left with a thick stack of Tupperware cash and nowhere to spend it. If only there was as a Tupperware King Street where I could go and make it rain. Note to self – possible business venture ‘Tupperware Party After Parties’, investigate.

Tupperware Cash

Day 7

I accompanied Mummy-Collywonks to a cancer fund-raising afternoon tea. I was starting to feel the side-effects of my overeating, so put all my self control into staying away from the actual afternoon tea. I distracted myself by getting into an aggressive silent bidding war for a Nike Water Bottle and a packet of hair ties, against a 12 year old girl. I don’t know how much kids get in pocket money these days, but I was close to having to ‘nimble’ it, when Mum stepped in and told me I had to back off and let the brat have it. God Mum, seriously. I swallowed my pride along with a sneaky couple of won tons and zucchini slices and skulked off to the couch. There was a couple of little boys sitting there swapping footy cards. So I amused myself until it was time to go home by telling them how rubbish their teams are and that their favourite players suck. I felt better already. I think sobriety agrees with me.

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