Preg Notes

12 February Woolworths, Bakery Section – Cried choosing between ‘multigrain’ or ‘white’
13 February Pancake Parlour – Cried eating pancakes. That shouldn’t be possible
14 February Have gone one full day without vomiting.
15 February Two days without vomiting.
16 February Three days!
18 February One day
19 February Can hear someone brushing their hair and want to rip it out of their head #hormones
20 February Feeling completely out of touch. Am going for a haircut and googled “on trend haircolour”
23 February Blood nose for days
24 February In the bathrooms at work and hear someone else peeing. I actually have “full-stream envy”
25 February On a flight to Perth and ask the hostess for a vomit bag, just in case. She rushesback and hands me six. I mustn’t look well
27 February Just recived a glance at my belly and “I’ve been there” pitying smile from a stranger, that felt good, I actually needed that pity
28 February McDonalds releasing a Creme Egg McFlurrie while I’m pregnant and can’t eat one. #fuckery
29 February Went along to Margaret River Wine Tastings today with my cousins. Smelled so much wine
2 March Kindly, every time I vomit, so does Dad #inthistogether
6 March Overwhelming desire to grate some carrot, mix it with greated cheese and spoonfuls of honey #cravings
8 March I will eat the next person who points out how much weight I have put on
10 March Got Cat-called while crossing the road today, a bloke in a passing car yelled out “helloooo baby!” I turned around just in time to catch him pointing at my belly. Hahaha
11 March Wondering if anyone around the office has noticed I’ve taken my bra off. We have an agreement in place where my boobs now work less hours than I do
13 March Celebrated 26 weeks with a spray tan today. To make me look slimmer. Plus some KFC. Because I’m not delusional. #nomnomnom
21 March Bawled my eyes out watching the world championships in Pitch Perfect 2. #putaforkinme
24 March Popping Mylantas like Mentos
25 March Sleeping comfortably now requires six pillows. Only one goes under my head
28 March Leaving the doctor today after some tests. She warns me ” Now,you’ll need to rest. Don’t exert any excess energy and especially no exercise”. Thank god she told me. #cancelthejog
6 April When you’re sitting in a meeting, fighting back killer yawns, and your baby kicks you right in the cervix. It actually feels pretty good. It’s not like anyone else got to bring a friend to the meeting
11 April Eating Steak and Gravy at 11am. #babywantswhatbabywants
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