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The First Month in Pictures 

They say the first month flashes before your eyes. I don’t know what they’re talking bout.
That felt like a month to me.





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Don’t burn our house down, but Haich and I smashed this box of Pizza Shapes in about 10 minutes last night and enjoyed every last one of them. 

To be honest, I’ve just cracked open a box of BBQ while he’s at work and I don’t have to share.  

And what’s even better than the flavour on both sides, is the $1.50 “no body wants me” price tag at Woolies!

Happy Days.

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Morning Sickness

After 23 weeks of constant morning sickness and nausea, I’m happy to say I have now gone 5 whole days without bringing up any food! I have put on 5 whole kilos too, but that’s another story. 

Today I can finally put my sick bags to some better use! 

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Sometimes you don’t realise your own accomplishments…

Sometimes you don’t realise your own accomplishments, until you hear them repeated by someone who loves and admires you.
Take the other night for example when I overheard Hayden relaying this story to a friend of ours.

“She has honestly become so skilled at it. I remember when she first got pregnant and didn’t know what to do. I followed her around the house one night and she vomited everywhere, over the side of the bed, in the hallway, out the side-passage door, in the kitchen sink, in the desk bin. I had to tell her ‘babe, please just stand still’. But now, she’s just like ‘bang!’ and gets its done, she knows exactly when it’s going to happen, down to the second and is so expert at it. I couldn’t do it like that.”

Awwwwe shucks, thanks Haich.

He’s right though you know, I’m a vomiting legend. I could be sick in someone’s hat and they wouldn’t know, while they’re wearing it.

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