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Beau “Boom-Boom” Brown showing us how weekends are done properly

If you’re suffering from Mondayitis, consider this, Beau’s weekend was probably larger than yours.

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That escalated quickly.

Note passed to me, from my cousin Beau1

My response 2

His reaction 3

Woah, how quickly they turn.

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Looking after Beau last night.

The kid is frying up pork chops for dinner, while I’m on the couch watching the Beverly Hillbillies.

Who’s babysitting who?


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burgers with Beau

Beau and I are eating lunch and he has one finger stuck up in the air. 

I ask him why and he says “nah, I don’t want this finger to touch my burger, that’s the one I give the dog wet-willies with”.
Fair point.
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