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Sleep In Definitions 

sleep in (pre parenthood)

remain asleep or in bed later than usual in the morning.
sleep in (parenthood

remain in bed later than usual in the morning (with a small child pulling your hair, yelling in your ear and swatting you in the face) with your eyes closed.

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The First Month in Pictures 

They say the first month flashes before your eyes. I don’t know what they’re talking bout.
That felt like a month to me.





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Late Night Reflection

Tonight, like many other nights, I lay awake and watch Hayden sleeping peacefully next to me and I smile to myself. I consider what a beautiful man I have and how wonderful our life together is, I reflect on how much love he has brought me, how he makes me happy every single day and how we will soon have our own little family, with the promise of an incredible future. 

Then all too suddenly I’m roused from my thoughts by the intense pressure of my bladder about to burst. I waddle off to the bathroom for the tenth time tonight, pee almost a thimbles worth, before shuffling back to our room feeling completely unrelieved. Laying back down, I look over at him once more and think how beautifully peaceful he still looks and it’s not too long before my smile returns, this time thinking how nice it might be to put a pillow firmly over his smug face.

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Sometimes I don’t wash my make up off before bed. “Sophie, that’s soo baaahd!”. Yeah I know.But on mornings like today when I miss my alarm and get up at 7:30, needing to make an 8.00am meeting, and I make that meeting, because I’m one step ahead of the game, I thank god for my own foresight. 


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What time do you send your parents to bed?

To all my friends still living at home, I have a question for you. 

What time do you usually put your parents to bed? I mean, most nights I’m just too exhausted to even argue, so let them stay up long after me still watching tv. But I’m finding that they’re getting up later and later in the mornings and can also be quite grumpy. 

Any advice appreciated.

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